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Ask a Naturopath

Ask our Naturopath a question online. Get an expert answer

Hello friends and welcome to ‘Health Food Grocers’

We are your one stop online organic grocery-shopping site for natural health products and nutrition information. We aim to make your personalized shopping experience seamless and satisfying. With so many health food stores online today, we know we have to be to at the cutting edge of health trends and holistic information. Not only do we offer a vast range of vitamins, supplements and natural products (including healthy snacks) but also we strive to help you and your family lead healthy balanced lives.

Our online organic grocery-shopping website can also be used as a fantastic resource for people who want to explore the wonderful world of healthy, kind, green, eco-friendly living. When it comes to our products, we believe it’s what’s inside that counts! We also offer free shipping anywhere in Australia on every order over $99.00

Hang out with Liza - Our qualified online Nutritionist. Liza is more than happy to answer any of your pressing health questions, whether it’s about our products or if you need assistance in finding the best natural remedy that you may require. This is a great service and we even offer assistance with special dietary requirements too!

Liza said, “I have noticed a significant increase in the amount of customers coming online and asking questions about what it means to be Gluten intolerant? Additionally, the enormous increase in customers who actually suffer from Gluten intolerance over the past few years has been staggering.”

Many of these customers have absolutely no idea of what their choices are or what they can access in terms of products. This, in turn can result in a huge amount of stress and fear. ‘Health Food Grocers’ is committed to educating and assisting our customers on issues related to health, nutrition and wellbeing and a large part of this is our involvement within the community by offering professional nutritional advice and the option to shop via lifestyle or category. The customer simply picks what food they want or need and the shopping guide directs the customer to the area within our health food store online where they can locate the product.

“I will also be posting loads of photos, blogs, and recipe videos sharing all of the healthy tips and routines in my own life that have helped me to live a healthy, happy and loving life. Everything from fashion and beauty tips to making sure your house is healthy and green as possible too!

My friends, colleagues, and other health professionals will also post holistic health information on the site, my goal is to share everything that I have learned on my journey with you, and I want you to share your experiences with me and our community. Let’s get inspired together and help each other to live the healthiest, happiest, planet loving lives possible!

Don’t forget to keep an eye out because we are continuously adding to our already extensive range of wonderful natural products. Also check out new products each month as well as exciting discounts and specials. When you shop with us you know the products you are buying are safe, healthy and environmentally friendly.

You are invited to join our online organic grocery shopping community and be a part of the wellness revolution. Come on in and get comfortable, and have a look around. It doesn’t matter where you are at on your pathway to health you have come to the right place where you can ask for advice and have your questions answered. Just send me a message and we will do our best to help! Whether you tweet, pin or FB, don’t forget to sign up and join our health conscious, eco loving community!